Detailing vs Washing

While automotive detailing and washing can produce a somewhat similar result, there is an importance to understanding the distinct differences between the two. Washing can clean the day-to-day dirt from your vehicle, but detailing maintains the quality while increasing the resell value of your vehicle. While the team at Artistic believes investing in auto detailing is the more valuable option, you need to understand why.

The Detailing Service

To understand the importance of detailing, one must first know the definition. Auto detailing is the act of performing a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a motor vehicle. Detaling produces show-quality cleanliness and polish. According to the ICA, the numbers of consumers who prefer to have their car washed professionally has increased by 74{f61eadfded486c2b78814a379c7f5d9fad2dc51b953569fb44efbb34aa061bb3}. Detailed vehicles recieve services with more upscale products than those in a automatic car wash. Many professionals only use pH balanced products on their vehicles. Which is not only safer for your vehicle, but also can aid in repairing scratches from automatic washes. Detailing is an overall deep clean for your vehicle, rather than just cleaning the surface.

The Washing Service

Automatic car washes are quick and cheap options to “clean” your vehicle. Car washes do not offer interior cleaning, except for the few locations that offer vacuuming services. The primary function of a normal car washing is an exterior clean that removes the base layer of dirt and debris from your vehicle. While many particpate in this option due to the convenience, the disadvantages outway the advantages. Many car washes can scratch your vehicles paint and windows. Automatic car washes focus more on efficiency over quality, meaning they worry more about how many vehicles they can get through rather than the actual car wash itself.

The Artistic Experience

Artistic Auto Detailing dedicate themselves to giving every one of their clients an unforgettable experience. For years, Artistic has been trusted by a select, premier and exclusive group of clients. We believe luxury vehicles deserve nothing less than luxury services. The team at AAD gurantees high quality treatment from beginning to end. Our four main services include diamond washes, sublime detailing, concierge services, as well as mentoring services. With years of experienced and a highly trained team at Artistic, we believe we are more than just an auto detailer – we are a neccesity to your lifestyle.