Throughout history, sports car designers and engineers have always tried to build the next best automobile. This idea has remained true whether that be in terms of the cars design or the cars horsepower. Differentiation is a huge aspect to most corporations, and McLaren Automotive’s newest release does not disappoint in that aspect. McClaren has introduced a truly innovative vehicle, a brand new Elva model, which lacks both a roof and a windshield.

The New McLaren Elva

McLaren’s new model named Elva is inspired by open top race cars that were developed in the 1960’s. In addition, this car comes in as the fifth member of the McLaren Ultimate Series. Which is an elite group of cars that McLaren builds in scarce production runs. The absence of weight from the roof structure and windshield makes the Elva McLaren’s lightest model yet. The main issue that arose when building this car was dealing with airflow and climate control. The Active Air Management System (AAMS) was the solution to this problem. This system takes in air through the cars nose and ducts it out into the cockpit through a nozzle. This all happens ahead of the passengers, deflecting the wind gust that would normally happen. Road and Track magazine stated that this model is an example of the latest thinking is the world of sports cars. You can own yourself a model of this car for the starting price of $1.7 million.

Artistic’s Guruantee of Luxury Service

Artistic Automotive Detailing puts in an extensive amount of energy and detail into all of the vehicles we come across in our shop. Just as McLaren’s designers and engineers meticiously created the Elva model, we at Artistic place a large importance on the attention to detail. In addition, we offer a variety of detailing services that are unparalleled to any where else. We work on exclusive sports car models, so if you do happen to get your hands on one of the limited number available, be sure to come see us for all of your detailing needs.