COVID Is Tough- Good Thing Artistic Knows How To Put Up A Fight

A shock felt around the world. COVID-19 struck back in March and has impacted the lives of virtually everyone. From lockdowns and mandates to new practices and mask requirements, industries are reeling from the sudden halt of business.

I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Edwin Lopez, who turned a dream into an insanely successful luxury automobile detailing empire. Over the course of the interview I learned how this industry has been impacted by this pandemic and how Artistic has adapted and continued to thrive. Before I dive into the interview, first some background on Artistic Automotive Detailing.

Origin Story

“I want to do that. I can do that. I will do that.” And so Artistic was born. Through hard work, determination and dedication to detail, Edwin Lopez has been able to grow Artistic Detailing into a necessity to a lifestyle. A product of years of mentorship, growth, and experience, Artistic sets itself apart from the other detailers on the market. From a junkyard worker to the owner of an extremely successful business, Edwin knows how to stay persistent in the face of adversity.

I’m curious to know Mr. Lopez, how has COVID-19 impacted your industry?

Edwin Lopez: At the start of the pandemic it was really the great unknown. No one knew how long the pandemic would last or what was going to happen to businesses like mine. People were nervous to go out, shop, even get their car detailed. Really, we just had to ride it out and adapt to the new restrictions and rules. Luckily now we are seeing things beginning to return to normal. Everyone is adjusting to the new normal and people slowly but surely are letting their guards down as numbers continue to decrease and more safety precautions are implemented. Adapting for us meant being more cautious in the way we operate. We wanted to make our clients feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

With safety in mind, what extra precautions have you taken to keep clients and employees safe?

EL: Our top priority was to keep Artistic as safe, sanitized, and secure as possible amidst the pandemic. All of our staff are required to wear masks and gloves. Temperatures are also taken upon arrival every morning. Hand sanitizer is located throughout and we have taken to extra sanitation processes.

2020 has been a learning experience for all. I wanted to ask you, what lessons have you learned both personally and about your business during this pandemic?

EL: Personally, I have learned to be more patient and considerate. The pandemic has opened my eyes to just how fragile our lives are. We have to all take a step back and realize what is important. We are all in this together. Business wise, it made me realize what my weaknesses are and what I need to work on. Not procrastinating on things that I need to get done. In times like this you have to learn to pivot because what worked before March might not work today.  Both mentally and physically I have learned how to handle problems better because of the pandemic.

So, what makes your business unique, better and essential in comparison to other competitors?

EL: We are the leading trendsetters in this industry because we provide top notch quality service to each and every one of our clients. We only use the best products to detail, no generic stuff. One of the most important parts of Artistic is our presentation and how we deliver the service. Our detailers are always dressed in uniform be that a shirt or apron, we fit the part for our luxury detailing services. We want all of our clients to feel they are taking part in a luxury experience, not simply having their car detailed. Presentation is key in this industry. What makes us unique from other competitors is our establishment within the Beverly Hills community. Artistic prides itself on have a broad width of insurance that will cover everything from workers compensation to a broken mirror on a car. That alone is something our competitors don’t have.

To sum it all up Edwin, why should clientele use you now despite everything going on?

EL: We take the extra precautions to look out for their best interest. Having multiple units allow us to better service our customer and manage our time with clients better. Artistic is always up on the latest news and adheres to all COVID protocols. We are also one of the very few companies that works around the clock in order to meet whatever our clients need.