Edwin Lopez is a worldwide master detailer, recognized for his impeccable skills in preparing and protecting the assets and standards of the world’s most luxurious and exotic vehicles. Edwin has dedicated years in the transition of making his skills, standards, quality, dedication, and perfection into a one named brand which has successfully been recognized as Artistic Automotive Detailing. Edwin is also the founder and a proud member of the United Detailers Coalition and is regularly featured in media as an interviewee, entrepreneur and mentor.


Artistic is dedicated to making your experience unforgettable. We are devoted to providing you with the most exquisite detailing process, combined with the most unparalleled service you have ever enjoyed.

Artistic is insured, experienced and has years of experience as a service provider to an esteemed, elite and exclusive clientele. Regularly featured in the goldRush Rally, constantly flown out to detail the vehicles of travelling clients in and out of the country and more, Artistic is accustomed to rendering services that exceed standards and limitations.

Artistic’s call for demand has truly overwhelmed us, for we have been considered the world’s leading automotive detailing company. We are confident that we are truly revolutionizing the auto detailing industry. We are no longer considered a service only company but a necessity to a lifestyle.

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433 N. Camden Dr. Suite 600 Beverly Hills CA 90210 | (800) 846-6935 | | info@artisticautodetailing.com

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