What does our pricing entail?

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While we don’t publish prices online, we do want to stress that our services entail more than just a wash, wax or detail. Firstly, our team is experience and composed of professionals who know how to handle and care for your investment. We’re proud to say that our exclusive clientele that we have served for nearly a decade has some of the most exotic and valuable vehicles on Earth! But, regardless of the make and model, we apply the same love and technique to all the vehicles we service for our clients.

Secondly, we’re insured. Most detailing companies are not. This protects not only your vehicle, but our employees in case of an accident on or near your property. Speaking of employees, our employees are happy employees. They get paid well, have vacation days, are insured, get benefits and operate in an environment that, to our knowledge, no other detailing company offers.

Finally, we use the best products and techniques available to the industry. We educate ourselves on market trends and innovations and ensure that your investment is in the best of hands. Our services are more than a function to perform… they’re a necessity to a lifestyle.


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